Explore Historic Rondebosch - Cape Town's oldest suburb

Jan Van Riebeeck, looking down from Table Mountain soon after his arrival in the Cape in 1652, noticed a distinctive formation of thorn trees in a round cluster. He called it "Het Ronde Doornbosjen".

The area was ideal for the cultivation of wheat and was to become the granary of the Cape, a heritage that continues in the name of the suburbs most famous house "Groote Schuur" (large barn), the imposing home built by empire builder and prime minister of the Cape province, Cecil Rhodes.

The University of Cape Town (UCT) is located in Rondebosch. The university is one of the oldest in South Africa and is a vibrant academic community of some 16 000 students and 4 500 members of staff. The main campus occupies a beautiful site on the slopes of Table Mountain.

UCT is a comprehensive university offering a full range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. It is also a major centre for research and has exchange agreements and links with universities on the African continent and throughout the world.